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Kevin Schwanz RD

Registered Dietitian

Iowa State University Graduate

What is SCHWANZ NUTRITION doing to advance evidence-based nutrition?

Research Reviews...

The most comprehensive and definitive research reviews for dietitians are being published in the Schwanz Nutrition Journal. No ties to any food companies, no ads, and no conflicts of interest. The journal is constantly improving and just set a new standard for evidence-based publications with the February 2018 issue!


A new Facebook group was just created in February 2018: Evidence-Based Nutrition for Dietitians. The idea behind this group is to provide a platform for dietitians around the world to discuss and debate best practices to move the profession forward. Join today!

Training Dietitians...

After publishing the Schwanz Nutrition Journal for over a year and reviewing hundreds of studies, it became clear that the ability of dietitians and other health professional to interpret nutrition research is less than ideal. A free E-book was created to give a great overview of important concepts: Interpreting Nutrition Research: A Health Professional's Guide. A second and more comprehensive version is currently in progress, add your email to my list at the bottom of the page to be notified of updates!

Other SCHWANZ NUTRITION publications

Blog Articles

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